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Parish Plan Takes Idea of Sustainable Community Forwards

By David Frederickson
Posted Thursday, November 22, 2007

Youlgrave Parish Plan group meeting - supporting the sustainable Youlgrave project.

The Parish Plan group held a public meeting in Youlgrave Village Hall in July 2007 to invite people's views.

Our aspirations for a vibrant and sustainable local community have been given a huge boost through the work of Youlgrave’s new Parish (or Village) Plan group.

The formal process is supported by Derbyshire Rural Community Council and the Peak District National Park Authority and is financed by a Government grant of £4,000. It’s led by an independent local steering group made up of representatives from across the community, including the Parish Council, As part of the process, a wide-reaching consultation has been launched over such issues as shops and housing, recycling and transport, young people and the street scene. A final document will hopefully be produced in 2008 that will chart where we want our community to go and how we might get there.

Naturally, Sustainable Youlgrave is leading on the environmental angle, with our ongoing household energy survey and dialogue with the local authorities already well underway. If you would like to know more about the Parsh Plan and get involved in any way contact David Frederickson on 01629 636586 or email mail@davidfrederickson.com.

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