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This is the largest of the sections and includes a wide diversity of articles concerning Sustainable Youlgrave projects, environmental issues affecting Derbyshire and the Peak District as well as nationally. So, if you want to be 'in the know', this is the place to find be!

In this section ...

Energy Survey of Local Public BuildingsEnergy Survey of Local Public Buildings
[Jan. 11, 2011] Results of the survey of 7 public buildings in Youlgrave and Middleton ...
Current NewsletterCurrent Newsletter
[Dec. 21, 2010] The latest Sustainable Youlgrave newsletter is now available on line.
Youlgrave Bee Group update (Dec 2010)Youlgrave Bee Group update (Dec 2010)
[Dec. 21, 2010] A progress report from the Youlgrave Bee Group ...
Newsletters - back issuesNewsletters - back issues
[Nov. 10, 2010] Here you will find back issues of the Sustainable Youlgrave newsletters.
SY Awarded Grant for Public Buildings Energy Survey
[May 13, 2010] A grant from the Peak District National Park’s Sustainable Development Fund and will pay for a full energy survey on public buildings ...
Youlgrave's first Village Market Proves a Roaring SuccessYoulgrave's first Village Market Proves a Roaring Success
[Feb. 11, 2010] The Youlgrave village market in January 2010 was a huge success ...
Plant a Tree for a Bee!
[Feb. 2, 2010] Help the honeybee to make a comeback by planting a tree ...
Green Up GuideGreen Up Guide
[Jan. 29, 2010] The Community Development Foundation guide for environmentally concerned communities ...
Save the bees!Save the bees!
[Jan. 11, 2010] Report of the beekeeping meeting Oct 2009 which generated a huge amount of interest in the village ...
Size Matters - A Poem by Jenni EdwardsSize Matters - A Poem by Jenni Edwards
[Jan. 11, 2010] A thought-provoking poem concerning the decline of the honey bee ...
Queen of the Compost!Queen of the Compost!
[Jan. 11, 2010] Find out who won the home made compost class at the Youlgrave Horticultural Show 2009 ...
Anaerobic Digestion Study: Update
[Oct. 15, 2009] The latest news on this major local initiative to reduce the carbon footprint of the area ...
Battery Recycling Initiative in Village Proves Popular
[Oct. 15, 2009] Youlgrave now has a battery recycling scheme in place ...
Community Renewable Energy: A Policy Campaign?
[Oct. 15, 2009] Contributions sought for the consultation stage of the Peak District National Park Authority Christmas draft of the proposed Local Development Framework ...
[Oct. 15, 2009] Sustainable Youlgrave is looking for a piece of land for a community Orchard
Sustainable Youlgrave gets Invited to No 10 Downing StreetSustainable Youlgrave gets Invited to No 10 Downing Street
[Sep. 23, 2009] In July 2009, Sustainable Youlgrave representatives met with Gordon Brown at 10 Downing Street
Why haven’t you got Solar Power in your house?Why haven’t you got Solar Power in your house?
[Aug. 29, 2009] With the new government incentives, a photovoltaic array on your roof may be financially viable as well as 'green' ...
Mini Hydro Project Turns Alport GreenMini Hydro Project Turns Alport Green
[Aug. 20, 2009]  
Journey Sharing: What happened?
[Aug. 20, 2009] Whatever happened to the Youlgrave car sharing initiative ...
Grant Awarded for Anaerobic Digestion StudyGrant Awarded for Anaerobic Digestion Study
[Mar. 2, 2009] This £20,000 grant from the Peak District National Park will pay for the Anaerobic Digestion feasibility study ...
Climate Change Day
[Feb. 17, 2009] Report on the Climate Change Day held on 1st November 2008
Full Feasibility Study for Anaerobic DigestionFull Feasibility Study for Anaerobic Digestion
[Oct. 17, 2008] Sustainable Youlgrave are soon to commission a consultant to take a close look at the feasibility of running an anaerobic digestion plant ...
National Award Winners!National Award Winners!
[Oct. 13, 2008] National recognition for Youlgrave - sustainability and climate change awareness
Car and journey sharing – options for the future
[Oct. 10, 2008] Car sharing is a change which makes sense
What are the ‘green’ options when buying a new car?
[Oct. 10, 2008] Sustainable Youlgrave’s JOHN YOUATT shares his experiences.

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