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Car and journey sharing – options for the future

Posted Friday, October 10, 2008

Car and journey sharing – options for the future


We hear all the time about the future effects of global warming. On the radio or TV news and in the papers. Our children are being taught about it at school and probably gaining more knowledge than us parents! We feel that governments should be doing more about it, and should have done a lot more in the past to prevent the situation we are in. But we don’t want new legislation to alter our way of life, take away our comfort or our holidays or make us poorer. Also, without big country-wide initiatives, it is tempting to wonder what is the point of an individual household or family, developing an environmental conscience, recycling cardboard or conserving fuel, when we hear of global conglomerates not acting.


Sustainable Youlgrave believes that if we wait for governments to take the lead, it will be too late. It is up to us to make as many small changes to our lives as we can manage. And it’s not necessarily painful. Conserving energy can save money and make life more comfortable. Changing to a sustainable fuel, or buying local produce, means we won’t be dependent on Russia, the Middle East or other foreign powers for our essential needs and at the same time we will help our local area.

Car sharing is a change which makes sense


We can:

· Reduce the number of journeys made

· Reduce the number of cars on the road

· Share the costs and effort involved in keeping a vehicle

· Meet new people and make new friends.


John Sutcliffe and Judith Orchard have been working together, under the umbrella of Sustainable Youlgrave, on three ideas for ways people can reduce car usage – from simply giving or accepting a lift to fully sharing the ownership and use of a car.

Journey Sharing

Most of us get or give lifts from time to time, on a regular basis or just occasionally. It is fairly common for people who live in one place and work in another to give each other lifts to and from work and share the costs of their journeys – either by the passenger making a cash contribution or by taking it in turns to use their cars.


Those of us who are fortunate enough to have a car can easily forget how difficult it can be, and how long it can take, to get to anywhere except Bakewell by bus. And even Bakewell buses don’t always run at the times we want them. Getting, say, to Matlock or Wirksworth and back for a meeting or evening class is likely to be out of the question for anyone without their own transport.


These sorts of thoughts have prompted us to think about setting up a scheme called Youlgrave Journey Share, under which people who are prepared to give a lift can ‘advertise’ their journeys and people who would like a lift can ‘advertise’ their wish in an anonymous way by ringing us and telling us where and when you want to travel.


We are launching the scheme in October 2008.


If you are willing to share any journey with a passenger, please ring Judith or John. We will make a note of your name and contact details, the date of your journey, your time of leaving and how many seats you are offering.


We will post details of your proposed journeys (but not your name or contact details) on village notice boards.


People who would appreciate a lift will be invited to contact us and we will put them in touch with you.


Contribution cost is a private matter between parties involved. The most you can charge under normal terms of private car insurance not registering your vehicle ‘for hire or reward’ is 40p per mile, regardless of the number of passengers. Obviously, you may charge any smaller amount you wish, and you don’t have to charge anything if you don’t want to.



Look at the Journey Share updates on the notice boards and, if there is a journey you would like to share at a cost you are prepared to pay, ring Judith or John and we will put you in touch with the driver.


If there is a regular journey you would like to make (for example, to work or to an evening class), tell us about it and we will arrange to advertise it, without mentioning your name.

‘Health Warning’

We think that, for our own protection, we have to point out that Journey Share will simply put people wanting lifts in touch with people offering them. We are not proposing to check any of the information given to us by drivers or passengers – or for example, to check the driving licences and insurance certificates of drivers. The scheme will rely for its success on the good faith and good behaviour of people who use it.


We will welcome feedback from drivers and passengers about the journeys they take. If you want to tell us how much you enjoyed a journey, please do so. If something went wrong, please tell us about that as well, so that we can learn any lessons.


Your Details on Computer

In order to run the scheme, we shall have to keep people’s names and contact details on computer and share them with each other. If you ‘register’ with us as a potential car-sharer, we will regard that, as your giving us permission to do that. Both John & Judith have approved CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) checks in connection with other work we do but we are not proposing to ask prospective car-sharers to do that.


Judith Orchard, tel 630202

John Sutcliffe, tel 636570

Image: Logo of the Future Friendly Environmental organisation.

National Award Winners!

Sustainable Youlgrave has won the Community Section of the national Future Friendly Awards 2008. The awards are for groups and individuals who are doing their bit to promote greater sustainability and climate awareness. Our Chairman John Youatt collected the award from Sir Trevor MacDonald at a ceremony in London at the beginning of March (see photo). Apart from the pleasure of having our efforts recognised nationally, the award also includes a £5,000 cash prize, plus access to a further £5,000 of free consultancy services, which will go a long way to helping our group's dwindling coffers. For more information on the Future Friendly Awards go to www.futurefriendly.co.uk.

Image: John Youatt of Sustainable Youlgrave receiving the FFE environmental award.
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