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Save the bees!

Posted Monday, January 11, 2010

On 1st October Mike Cross of the Derbyshire Beekeepers’ Association gave an illustrated talk to villagers interested in keeping bees in Youlgrave. We held the event in the upper room of the Farmyard Inn and although we knew that there was a core interest, we were nevertheless delighted when over 40 people turned up, even though the room was a bit small for that number and it was standing room only. In spite of that, everyone stayed for the long and detailed talk which took us through the life cycle of bees, the art of bee keeping, the hives and hive management, bee pests and diseases and finances. It was all fascinating stuff and very well received.

Sustainable Youlgrave beekeeping talk.

The next step is a visit to Grindleford, where they already have a bee group up and running. Anyone interested is invited to join us. We will meet at the top of Holywell Lane in Youlgrave at 10am on Saturday 17th October, aiming to arrive at the Grindleford allotments by 10.30am. If you are willing to car share please contact Judith Orchard (630202) or Jeni Edwards (636550) before the day. We hope to hear how they organised and financed it and to see the site and set-up.

Honey bee hive.

There will then be a meeting to establish the Youlgrave Bee Group properly on Wednesday 4th November, 7.30pm at the Farmyard Inn. It is hoped to have some hives up and running by next year, but the process will need commitment to regular help and training. Bee-keeping is a long-term process. Anyone who doesn’t want that kind of commitment is welcome to help with administration and in encouraging the community to cultivate bee-friendly plants.

For a copy of Mike Cross's paper on bee management please e-mail jeni.edwards@phonecoop.coop

Photos courtesy of Mike Cross/DBKA

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