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Visits and Meetings

Posted Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Malcolm Rich, Vital Earth Sales & Marketing Director, addresses SY
group members during our visit to the company's state of the art composting
facility at Ashbourne. Here he explains how the raw biodegradable waste rots
down in aerated outdoor vessels.

Group members contemplate piles of semi-rotted waste in the covered halls.

Compost manufactured at the Vital Earth facility at Ashbourne, Derbyshire.

The finished article: compost ready to be bagged for sale.

Baroness Young (Environment Agency) and Jim Dixon (Peak District National Park) visit Youlgrave.

Sustainable Youlgrave welcomes Baroness Young, Chief Executive of the Environment Agency, and Jim Dixon, Chief Executive of the Peak District National Park, during a fact-finding visit to Youlgrave in August 2007.

Sustainable Youlgrave at the 21st Century Village Conference, Bakewell, Derbyshire.

Sustainable Youlgrave's Andrew McCloy at the 21st Century Village Conference in Bakewell in September 2007, next to the group's new display stand paid for by a grant from Derbyshire County Council's Greenwatch Action Grant.

Cut the carbon marchers reach Youlgrave on their way to London.

Sustainable Youlgrave's John Youatt welcomes Christian Aid's Cut
the Carbon March, which passed through Youlgrave en route from Belfast to
London during July 2007.

Composting workshop

Cheryl Woodruff of WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) came to Youlgrave in February and led a very interesting and productive workshop for us on the subject of home composting

anaerobic digestion visit

Sustainable Youlgrave members travelled to Walford College in Shropshire to take part in an interesting and useful seminar on anaerobic digestion

AD site run by Greenfinch

Sustainable Youlgrave organised a group visit to Ludlow for Peak District farmers interested in learning more about anaerobic digestion - they visited a pioneering AD site run by Greenfinch and all felt it was a highly illuminating day

AD site run by Greenfinch

Sustainable Youlgrave visit AD site run by Greenfinch

The GOEM Meeting

In August 2008 Sustainable Youlgrave entertained a delegation from the Government Office for the East Midlands to discuss our objectives in light of emerging Government policy on sustainability and renewable energy. The GOEM line-up included Mike Meech, Head of Defra policy on Sustainability and Climate Change for the East Midlands.

Anaerobic digestion village consultation organised by Sustainable Youlgrave.

Sustainable Youlgrave held an
open evening for villagers to learn more about our feasibility study into
anaerobic digestion, and our consultants joined committee members to answer
residents' questions and concerns.

Downing Street carbon neutral meeting with PM's office.

Andrew McCloy and John Youatt with other invited guests at 10 Downing
Street in July 2009.

Downing Street environmental meeting

In the garden of 10 Downing Street at the PM's reception for community
volunteers, which included Sustainable Youlgrave.

Sustainable Youlgrave farmers meeting 2009

In May 2009 we held a special
meeting for local farmers to explain in more detail our study into anaerobic
digestion and the options and opportunities it presented for them.

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