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Youlgrave Family Convert to Wood-burning and Make Huge Savings!

Posted Thursday, November 25, 2010

Image: Efficient woodburning stove saves Youlgrave family money.

Richard and Samantha Elliott are very pleased having switched their fuel from a dependency upon electricity and coal for heating to wood. It is probably going to save them £120 a month on fuel cost, and they now have fully controlled, efficient log-burning stove & back-boiler, powered heating system to bask comfortably in – especially on cold, stormy days! They have no hesitation in recommending such a change to anyone in the villages of the Bradford valley, or beyond.

Typically it only requires re-fuelling with a few logs (currently 2-3 in October) four times a day, and to be banked at bedtime with a small amount of smokeless fuel to keep it in all night ready for the morning (or if they go out during the day). The installation was completed 7 weeks ago and has been running continuously for the past 2 weeks.

The second-hand, 16 kW, stove and back-boiler replaced an inefficient, poorly-controlled, multifuel stove and back-boiler (for DHW only) that ran primarily on coal and some logs, using 4-6 bags of coal pcm at £10 a bag.

They previously had electric, night-storage and oil-filled heaters on an Economy-7 tariff which cost them £200 pcm, in spite of having 8-10” of loft insulation and double-glazing! Natural gas was not an option and they avoided oil for reasons of cost.

Besides always wanting to have an efficient wood-burning stove, their prime reason for the change was running costs. It was also necessary to replace the existing direct DHW cylinder with a new indirect cylinder, and to install 6 new wet-system, radiators, all fitted with thermostatic valves.

The heating is programmed and supervised by a modern, German, new controller, as well as the stove itself having a damper control in the range of 1-8, usually only needing to be set at 1. It will save at least 50% of their electricity bill and their coal bill by a similar amount. The expected £120 pcm saving will pay for a full trailer load of logs, which will last them at least 3 months. Their wood-supply has even been supplemented by friends bringing waste wood, eg doors!

Richard was very fortunate to hear of a person who was skipping the nearly-new stove for a new gas-fired boiler and who only wanted £100 for it. The stove would have otherwise cost him £1,500 new! A friend helped Richard install the new heating system in their 2-bedroomed house. At 16 kW, the stove has enough power to heat 10-11 radiators and so is over-sized for their requirements, but so what for such a bargain!

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