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Posted Monday, February 4, 2008

There’s a bin in the kitchen where everything goes
To hide in a bag so none of it shows.
From there it is lifted and taken outside,
Collected each week and sent off for a ride.

It’s put in a hole in the landscape to rot
Producing much gas which smells quite a lot.
Some plastics will be there for eons they say
While metals and poisons will ooze and decay.

It’s not a nice mess to put into our land,
A festering heap for a future, not planned
As to ways that our kids will be able to stem
This stinking great soup we ‘bequeath unto’ them.

In the light of all that there’s a choice we can make
To favour the future for all of our sake,
Instead of a mouldering heap there can be
A positive outcome that helps you and me.

Take first all the leavings
from veg, fruit and peelings
And leave them to rot
and compost the lot.

The next is the tin
the cat food was in,
Which is rinsed out or washed,
then stamped on and squashed.

While glass clear or green,
as long as it’s clean,
It kept in the hall
awaiting the call.

And paper in piles
from letter and files
Used news and old mags
are stacked up in bags.

All these three can go
to the skips in a row
Awaiting their fill
by the road up the hill.

Left behind is the plastic
which often don’t mix
So they have to be split
by the numbers that fit.

The problem is solved,
your waste has revolved
To make something new,
not end up in a stew.

Just remember each day,
you can’t through it away,
For it always comes back -
on a good or bad track.

A doggerel by Jeni Edwards.. 12.07


All material is copyright of Sustainable Youlgrave, 2007 onwards

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