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Sustainable Youlgrave : Annual Report 2008

Posted Monday, July 7, 2008

Sustainable Youlgrave : Annual Report 2008

My first task is to thank all SY people, whether passive or active. We have at least 150 people hidden behind 90 email–registered supporters. There are 4 honorary officers in a committee of 10 and several very active folk, on and off the cttee.


Thank you all for an excellent year and, in several cases, much hard work

Thanks also to all the organisations that have supported us with grants totalling c. £30,000, listed in the funding appendix, attached or available on request.

Summary of the year.


1. We inherited from the first year a constitution, a road map or strategy and some modest resources. The road map sets out our three main strands – community self-sufficiency; energy saving; and energy capture or generation.

2. We commissioned two pre-feasibility studies, into wind energy and anaerobic digestion. We have support, free of charge, for a prospective sustainable woodfuel project and we have offered moral (and possibly more substantial) support for a hydro project. One of our leading farming family businesses has gained support from 9 farmers and a prospective site, for an anaerobic digester.

3. Individuals in the valley have installed, or asked for permission to install, a wind turbine; an air heat pump; a ground heat pump and solar panels.

4. We have tried to reach all residents in the valley with items in the Bugle; our own newsletter (now at edition 5); public meetings; and a special moot for our 30 farm businesses. It’s always hard to gauge the effectiveness of “outreach”, but the percentage response has been higher than some similar projects we know of – and lower than others. The website is comprehensive and frequently updated. The community group has a programme including contact with the school and other groups. An energy survey is nearing completion.

5. We’ve met with the chief officers of most of the bodies relevant to what we are about.

6. SY has joined the Parish Plan project, which will improve our credentials as a community group. There are projects in common, such as proposed lift and car sharing

7. We won the first ever national Future Friendly award, which gives us a big boost, with a cheque for £10,000, with discretion and trust as to how we spend it.

8. SY has fine tuned our organisation with the confirmation of the agenda group and creation of an energy group and a community group. We appointed David Frederickson to be ‘on call’, to carry out projects on a contract basis, where voluntary effort would have been too stretched.

9. Future plans include our determination to set up a “community owned green energy company” (emda’s language) which, if successful, would be partnered by a community trust, to spend a proportion of any profits generated. This would complete the work of the current voluntary association.


I attach to this summary a series of appendices putting some flesh on these bones - please refer to separate meeting notes.


© John Youatt, chair, Sustainable Youlgrave, May 2008.


All material is copyright of Sustainable Youlgrave, 2007 onwards

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